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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
logging 9f93522355812ef8d84b9d3aa7d8df0db41d617a   8 years dozzie Moved log handlers under dashwiki.logging.
macros 42f60173ce294a53689ffca4dc6099351896d9ce   7 years dozzie Added label to protocol in macro edit form (back).
markup ce57d8d39a240df7679de6047bdbc150c8fd4c02   7 years dozzie {#102} Fixed order of execution for multiple macros in one line.
pfjson f67199a28b8036225dae79afa08657e5e46c4530   7 years dozzie Fixed tokenizer for one-digit numbers.
pfurl 80343127245378364904ddafb0a5c5dc67f96d6e   7 years dozzie Fixed pfURL parser for when there's empty string in args.
plugins 793bdbfae4cbdbf68a9aa2edabcf761528c328cb   7 years dozzie Added management command to print help from installed plugins.
resource_cache 0f22660ae601b23c4744e4739c77a44e4edcbd20   7 years dozzie Changed log severity for few things.
users 25290acc63caf78e159b89159db8bb7201e552b5   7 years dozzie Login/logout moved to Django messaging.
wiki 4ca2047d6de7ca99144be7db85d576d898b8ccc7   7 years dozzie Added wiki exporting management command and importing stub. 0 bytes 496eecf4f14eb452bc9465c32554cbd224fcb4e2   8 years dozzie Added initial Django skeleton. 629 bytes 0d1ed019eb9d4e582193457c2a32a71be2d89f18   7 years dozzie Added "page refreshed" information. 308 bytes 3ef8f3122a6f56c5fa0c1531e5058913b2e456e7   8 years dozzie Moved requiring yaml module to debug. This way yaml is not a dependency … 1.5 KB dd334b9d5a5f37b048c54e20f619ef5361184e44   7 years dozzie Removed excessive debug print in dashwiki.decorators. 5.0 KB 0d1ed019eb9d4e582193457c2a32a71be2d89f18   7 years dozzie Added "page refreshed" information. 1.3 KB c3434c172c1e0dc74450c47075cc49eb8d7cd0bf   7 years dozzie Updated some TODO/FIXME comments.
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