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(edit) @9106b6be0c6c83042e8002f9f205b299cd2dc6f9   7 years dozzie Updated examples.
(edit) @537ff9d4c68430f7e542f525870d96490cfc31fe   7 years dozzie Added templates for HTTP codes 404 and 500.
(edit) @fb931172b81fdd3480164b74640f3480ae8da6bf   7 years dozzie Added to an example of how to append some directory to search …
(edit) @9164a1d8d2ed99f108a0613f763530f4af248067   7 years dozzie {#74} Killed model MacroProtocol?. Caused otherwise unnecessary operations …
(edit) @4e646ad77d51e451d38dd5a41e9d750d1ad62e52   7 years dozzie Removed MacroResultType? as a separate entity. It's easier to use …
(edit) @7f8ace208fb2b2fc41a64fb18d4a50196c1af5bc   7 years dozzie Added some defaults and comments to deploy script.
(edit) @891ed066f338b2d31f6e5487f90d207ca320fd46   7 years dozzie Added possibility of moving settings to local (uncommitted) file.
(edit) @eb4ad8971547edd4416945f9e4367163753ce3f7   7 years dozzie Improved script: automatically detect what plugins are there.
(edit) @f7e79dd58166f069c7bd552cfe73f07cb716262e   8 years dozzie Deployment script made non-interactive.
(edit) @e25c5a430326cdee46d0056eb4df46275baeb153   8 years dozzie Changed welcome page in deployment script.
(edit) @f28bc1c5f9ecd7d2bd6e5f49937d32d7553f1479   8 years dozzie no longer adds dashwiki/ to sys.path.
(edit) @06952b2c21348e12b162d5cc6df1e44993e4d9cb   8 years dozzie Moved stuff around to "macros" and "users" apps.
(add) @3890a9649176a8d7bb619012c50d2992e4598c81   8 years dozzie Added deployment script.
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