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(edit) @bd5637b94e012b167d9a7db0afe6a6b77820770d   7 years dozzie Added example of
(edit) @9106b6be0c6c83042e8002f9f205b299cd2dc6f9   7 years dozzie Updated examples.
(edit) @f199ff96c42d66d7c2f944e49c8afadd0076a0a1   7 years dozzie /cache set to be served by Apache in example config.
(edit) @e6bee673922826e0f8645c70e727d7a3f1216329   7 years dozzie URL made meaningful for rrdgraph-ed graphs in RRD plugin.
(edit) @a7a6228a63d89b78089e6b13ad48fdaa98c7d1b8   7 years dozzie Added way of loading graph data from external sources.
(edit) @e7d295d995037e516fb1f07fc69db105dd19d3fd   7 years dozzie Changed macro call syntax.
(edit) @e0c589afb6218d233cce8b39eabd1bf6cbd0f4b5   7 years dozzie Added example of tables and lists formatting.
(edit) @c2aef42a279c220821f42a7e57c2e632fa7061b2   7 years dozzie Added ${foo} syntax for macro recalls.
(edit) @6b6f572e7a1fe8284d2e4dc0bae0659eef9b8249   7 years dozzie Default logging config changed to JSON. This should make less …
(edit) @417599cb7d646c99948c942d80c97d519bb551d4   7 years dozzie Added WSGI script and config snippet for Apache.
(edit) @6b73a1f1a3172ac8475c3b686e45465647893549   7 years dozzie Commented out file logging in example config. It makes running under WSGI …
(edit) @3fdedc839251781ef9dae59916b185c1d8f65c4e   7 years dozzie logging.yaml moved to examples.
(edit) @76673b735dcaf4a727542199b0c70149c6bf5649   8 years dozzie Added parsers for our markup. Just the grammar files and parsers' code. …
(edit) @bbe6b14d40721d3d709cb1cbac6e66656b504b22   8 years dozzie Updated example wiki pages.
(edit) @ce3b467524a1d7b24ede18e6587e0ca10aec798f   8 years dozzie Updated formatting for FirstPage?.
(add) @2209af87186a07cf533607305bec7e06cfe09446   8 years dozzie Added sample markdown pages.
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