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(edit) @0d1ed019eb9d4e582193457c2a32a71be2d89f18   7 years dozzie Added "page refreshed" information.
(edit) @5e6c197b2877c0a3757b26b78b8d73550bb0e0fa   7 years dozzie Rearranged a little CSS file.
(edit) @e06054af1370e7a985213b9dd29f7764cb327137   7 years dozzie {#77} Added a footer. I don't like the logo (too visible colours), but I …
(edit) @78019ae436ebc675c2bd614ae761f6867c091d4e   7 years dozzie Added border around <pre> text.
(edit) @26ee1b6cbb08935207175d23d39dc711b1cdff39   7 years dozzie Added support for undecorated lists (marker []).
(edit) @78daafcf8b24d6610c59eb3ed0e086aa59d55503   7 years dozzie {#70} Inline error markers made smaller a bit.
(edit) @9d6939db8ddaed6c5807da3611e6b64d56ddefd3   7 years dozzie Prettified form errors. Mainly for use with macro editing.
(edit) @c4cb718729b9cf8cd7bc14bb054085a9db662d92   7 years dozzie Prepared main template and CSS stuff for moving to Django messages.
(edit) @e8e682be7e5c8edf4979a0b9ba65636cbe146f95   7 years dozzie Added CSS numbering style for numbered and alpha lists.
(edit) @d1e18670e91caab0c2edbb2327880ac2f50ce489   8 years dozzie Migrated editing wiki to Django forms.
(edit) @7d3207c872ce61c80078f7b9786060f38a0bed7e   8 years dozzie Widened macro form. This should help with in_args, out_args and long …
(edit) @0234d57d93105872074e177f96f5cdb8c93f9e59   8 years dozzie Changed widget for out_args in edit macro form. Now it's <textarea>.
(edit) @a18433bc28462c6c532a21c1f91d4b4955ecd6e0   8 years dozzie style.css: retab.
(edit) @1e0f09b60a0f839409d64ffe288f9a44db4f216e   8 years dozzie Added displaying historical pages.
(edit) @7b2dfa6fe9a0c73db6eae82a5a5797654696fa01   8 years dozzie Password field in login form is now the same style as username field.
(add) @42f26f4e60a9fadec4802e4eba49b707019f780b   8 years dozzie Renamed directory with static files.
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