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NOTE: The vocabulary was part of documents produced to complete course taken at university. It was totally bloated with terms that are well-understood across IT people. Instead of translating the bloat, a vocabulary with terms specific to DashWiki was created.

  • dashboard, wiki page -- specific page, created/edited in the way typical wiki engine works, containing information both static (hardcoded in page's source using dashmarkup) and dynamic (fetched from remote systems using macros)
    • page source -- plain text representation of the wiki page, written in dashmarkup
  • remote system -- application or service, possibly running on different host than DashWiki, that provides some information to be displayed on dashboard
  • dashmarkup -- wiki markup syntax defined specifically for DashWiki, with LALR grammar
    • syntax tree -- result of parsing dashmarkup, describing structure of data on dashboard
  • macro call, %block call -- markers in dashmarkup to indicate place where some dynamic data (macro call) or block of text defined elsewhere in page source (%block call) should be inserted
    • resolving macros -- process of replacing all macro and %block calls with corresponding values
    • macro recall -- markers in dashmarkup to place value of the macro once again without calling the macro second time
    • silent (silenced) macro call -- macro call that leaves no text in process of resolving macros
  • macro -- definition of how to fetch information to put to dashboard from remote system
    • macro arguments -- names of parameters required by macro (actual values are supplied in macro call)
    • result type -- type of object inserted by the macro: plain text, state (text that may be coloured depending on its content when displayed on dashboard), list (each element is a text) or image
    • protocol plugin -- plugin used to fetch information from remote system
    • plugin parameters -- parameters describing how to fetch information from remote system, supplied to protocol plugin
      • pfJSON -- language similar to JSON, used to describe plugin parameters
    • destination URL -- URL (or local path for some protocol plugins) describing where protocol plugin should fetch information from
      • pfURL -- language used to describe destination URL
  • %block -- predefined, named paragraph (one or more), used to insert (with %block call) formatted content in places where dashmarkup syntax doesn't allow this type of content otherwise (e.g. to insert a sub-table in a table cell)
  • resource cache -- place where information fetched from remote systems (mainly images) is stored locally and from where the information is served to user's browser by DashWiki