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What is DashWiki?

DashWiki is an generic dashboard for IT systems.

DashWiki is intended for use mainly with systems monitoring network, servers and services, but it's not limited to them. It may be used as a frontend for continuous integration systems, for systems following financial markets or virtually anywhere one could use a panel with environment status.

Main goals for DashWiki:

  • easy to install and configure
  • easy and convenient to use (defining new dashboards as simple as possible)
  • simple internal architecture (it's debatable if this has been achieved)
  • easy to use (integrate) resources from external systems (monitoring systems, log collection systems etc.)

DashWiki started as a project for Designing software course on Wrocław University of Technology. Currently DashWiki is developed by dozzie in his free time.

User documentation

Source repository

Git repository is available here:

You may download the source code by issuing following command:

$ git clone --branch production